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If you have been dreaming of making money online for a long time but you do not know where to start, you are in the right place.

Create a professional website for your business with our website design services and start selling online.

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With a simple review, you will find that having a website is an essential part of a successful business.

You can turn your business from a simple Instagram page into a fully professional site .

And proudly introduce your site to others

And look like a very successful and experienced person in the eyes of others and your customers .

So now you can order your site and witness a huge change in your business.

Build a site from us Better service and excellent sales from you

More than 2.5 million Internet domains have been registered in Iran. But how many Internet domains have become permanent names ?

Website design does not just mean having a website. We believe that website design means creating a new business in the world of internet.

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Professional site design

Today, ordering a website is on the list of priorities of any company or business. As the number of Internet users increases every day, the design of sites in the virtual world needs special attention.

Mohammad Janbalaghi Website Design Company designs and implements a unique and special website for you.

Order site design

With the advancement of technology and websites today, one of the most important and influential things that can affect your business is undoubtedly your website .

Website design is the first step to enter the world of Internet commerce. So designing your website is very important.

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Website design services

We know that having a professional website is essential for the growth of your business . That’s why we have the skills and experience to create a quality and suitable website for your business. Because you deserve the best.

We are with you from the first steps you take in the world of internet to achieve the desired result .

Web Design

It’s time to dump her and move on . And all you need to do to sell your products online is to design a complete and professional online store site . The store that is supposed to be the most important, safest and fastest way to sell your products to your customers.

No matter what website you need, we can design any kind of website you want!

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Be different with our site design services

For your success , we have gatheredall the features and services of site design .

From stylish and different site design to various online branding and sales facilities with a strong presence in search results.

There is only one will left to build your internet business.

We are not low quality to be cheap, we are not unfair to be expensive. 

The cost of designing a site depends on several factors, including the needs and features of the site.

We have been extremely careful and obsessive in estimating the cost of site design to maintain a quality and competitive price for our services while maintaining the quality of site design.


Web design

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Why is Mohammad Janbalaghi site design service the best choice?

Adhere to SEO standards in site design

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an operation to improve your site’s ranking in Google search results. The most important SEO goal is to bring the target audience to your site. When designing a site template, our team adheres to all SEO standards and provides you with excellent SEO tools .

طراحی سایت و سئو

Stylish, attractive and user-friendly site design

We design the website in the most beautiful way possible for you.

And you think your site should be beautiful, easy to use and stylish. And we do it best for you

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Store site design 

No matter what industry you are in, our store site design services will meet all your needs. Clothing team, home appliance store, file and file download store, computer and mobile store, perfume and cologne store, car accessories store and any other store is quickly designed and prepared for you by our team. 

طراحی سایت فروشگاهی

Designing a store site with multi-vendor capabilities

Multi-seller websites are examples of online stores that allow you to attract many salespeople across the country and multiply your sales.

طراحی سایت فروشگاهی

The website we provide is compatible with all devices

Your business audience can see your website on their mobile devices, tablets, desktops or even TVs, so the website we design for you is easily displayed on all of these devices. You do not have to worry about how the site pages are displayed on each device and everything is set completely automatically.

طراحی سایت رسپانسیو

The website we design for you opens very quickly

The site that we design for you opens very quickly and we do tools to increase the site speed and make site speed settings for you.

طراحی سایت سریع

Advanced and strong security of your site

The website we design for you is completely secure, we do the necessary work constantly, you may not know what is necessary for the security of your website, but we apply it to you and tell you .

امنیت طراحی سایت

Add content types

Our site design allows you to publish videos of your products or services, text of articles or posts, images, audio files and more.

تیم طراحی سایت

A free gig host for you

If we do the design of your site , we will give you a gig host C Panel as a gift.

طراحی سایت

Free SSL protocol security for your website

This protocol converts your website from HTTP to HTTPS, and all exchanges between the server and the browser are exchanged completely securely, thus ensuring the security of your website.

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Your satisfaction with the site design

We have come together in Mohammad Janbalaghi website design company to provide you with excellent and up-to-date website design services by using the specialized knowledge of up-to-date software and offering the best quality and competitive price, and to satisfy you as a  customer. Introduce next .

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Grow your business safely with our site design services .

We are by your side

Website design company

Distinctive and unique services of Mohammad Janbalaghi site design

  • Web designEnsure website performance and beauty on a variety of platforms, including desktops, mobile devices and tablets
  • Web designMake sure the website is constantly compliant with all technical requirements and is automatically updated and all quality standards are met.
  • Web designProviding technical support services during office hours

All the site designs that we design come to the first pages of Google  very quickly due to their standard structure and coding.

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Website design price

Create a good website for your business. Our company provides web design services with WordPress in three ways : simple , advanced and site design for stores .

It is not possible to determine the total cost of site design and each site design company has its own price, but in general , various factors affect the cost of site design , which we will discuss below.

Graphic Design

The use of special graphic elements and quality and professional photos is one of the effective factors in the cost of site design. These graphic elements give your site a great look and make your site’s user interface stronger.

Good and powerful site support

Strong and round-the-clock support is another factor influencing the cost of site design. Maintaining the site is one of the main responsibilities of your site. Because everything in the world of dynamic and constantly changing network is subject to damage and problems. Therefore, it is better to keep it 24 hours a day so as not to disrupt its work.

Special equipment

Each site design package with different topics has specific functions and options that are embedded in the purpose of the site and the field of work. But sometimes site owners need additional and special features that need to be implemented specifically for them. The more of these features, the higher the cost of site design.

طراحی سایت
طراحی سایت

Website design price : $3,200

Web design

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Tomorrow is too late, order a professional site for your business right now

Our goal is to make online business a pleasant experience for you. We are confident that with the art of teamwork and the strength of the professional team of Mohammad Janbalaghi website design specialists , we can make your dreams come true and remain a supporter of your online business in all your ambitions.

Web design

Some examples of site design of Mohammad Janbalaghi design team

Trusted by hundreds of holdings, stores and reputable brands

SEO services of Mohammad Janbolaghi Company

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طراحی سایت ژین استور
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طراحی سایت فروشگاه سلنا کالا
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Why do we use WordPress in site design?

Mohammad Janbalaghi’s team does not build the wheel from the beginning. Designing a special content management system to set up a site is like mountaineering in foggy weather. You have no prospects for the road ahead and there is a risk of falling at any moment.

Specialized coding and system building, in addition to being very expensive in terms of security and scalability, create many challenges for business.

At the very least, a security breach or intrusion can destroy trust, achievements, and anything you’ve worked on for years.

WordPress is a secure, agile and very fast content management system. Major sites around the world such as the New York Times and Mercedes-Benz use WordPress.

Hundreds of thousands of developers around the world work every day on WordPress security, stability and speed, which helps to make the system stronger. If you stop working with your web design company, you can easily work with someone else.

Designing a different website in the style of Mohammad Janbalaghi

If you want to create a different website, we look forward to hearing from you and realizing your dream. We love to create.

Impact of site design on sales

Today, before buying something on the Internet, we all look for the best product at the most reasonable price and then proceed to purchase. Also, for many reasons, such as lack of time, traffic, etc., most people tend to shop online. So a successful business is a business that can serve people online.

When users search for our products and services on our domain, they visit our site when they see our website in Google results and can use our products and services online, in person or by phone.

If your site design is principled and you work with professional teams such as ” Janbalaghi site design “, the principles of SEO will be observed in the design process. Once you’ve completed the steps, you can optimize your website and content to rank high in Google to increase your sales.

Website design also affects our brand. We need to be able to register our brand in people’s minds in different ways so that whenever they need products and services in our field, our brand name is subconsciously in their minds. Website design helps a lot. Because users of any subject in our field of work that they search, by recognizing our website, recognize our brand name, and by repeating this subject, we become a reputable and well-known brand.

How to manage our site?

The site created for you has a special panel through which you can manage all issues related to the site. But if your site is designed with CMS (for example, this is WordPress), the WordPress panel itself will be provided to you and the necessary and easy plugins will be installed to manage your site. If you have a special design of the site, its panel is designed for you. For both methods, training on working with the panel and site management will be provided in full after site delivery. In addition to completing the site design, we teach you how to work with the WordPress site panel. By entering the Persian WordPress site, you can easily read all the related tutorials.

Another thing to consider after designing your site is creating content for your site. Content generation is not only good for your site visibility, it also makes your users more aware of your services and builds a sense of trust in it more than ever.

Hidden costs of website design

Website design costs usually consist of two parts.

The first part includes the costs that the design company usually charges you, such as the price of the domain, the host, the template purchased, and so on.

But there are also unforeseen expenses that will be calculated separately from the amount received. This section contains several items.

Items such as:

Cost of content production

A website without content has no value. It is useful when you submit your website without any content. That’s why you need to produce content that will cost money separately.

Cost of quality photos

If you order from an online store, you should also include relevant and high quality photos on the pages of each product. The cost of each product page is calculated separately.

Amount of domain and host renewal

Hosts and domains are usually renewed annually, but shorter or longer periods can be considered. It can be said that the cost of domain extension and hosting is another hidden cost.

SEO services

Your site needs visitors. If a user does not enter your website, then what is the reason for designing the site ? This is where SEO and its effects come into play.

Suggestions for site design

To have a user-friendly site and attract a large number of users, during the design process you must pay attention to the features of a professional site to have a user-friendly site. Here are some of these features.

Have a goal

You must first determine your purpose. What plans do you have to present to the audience? Do you want to sell products or introduce yourself? In addition to setting goals, you need to consider your needs.

Code optimization

In the site design process, special attention should be paid to the principles of coding and search engine optimization. Use a reputable host to host your website. Frequent interruption of hosts will seriously damage your SEO.

طراحی سایت

Pay attention to user interface design

The next element is the details of the site design. For example, the top of the website always offers important information and ways to contact you. The combination of colors used in the website should be appropriate and attract users.

Choosing the right company

Mohammad Janbalaghi site design company with successful experience in implementing various projects is fully prepared to accept the order of esteemed customers. Our services include expert advice, training and support.

Support and frequently asked questions of Mohammad Janbolaghi siteAnswers to your frequently asked questions about site design

خیر بدون هیچ دانش برنامه نویسی می توانید یک سایت حرفه ای با امکانات دلخواه را مدیریت کنید.

پروژه های ساخت سایت از صفر تا صد شامل معماری سایت، طراحی رابط کاربری سایت، تجربه کاربری سایت و … توسط افراد سازمان اجرا می شود و هیچ بخشی به افراد خارج از شرکت واگذار نمی شود.

شرکت طراحی سایت محمد جانبلاغی وب سایت ها را به گونه ای طراحی می کند که در آینده تمامی بخش های آن قابل ارتقاء و همچنین قابلیت های جدید با توجه به نیاز وب سایت باشد.

مدت زمان پروژه طراحی وب سایت کاملاً به ویژگی ها و محدوده آن بستگی دارد. با این حال، پروژه های طراحی سایت استاندارد معمولاً حدود 1 تا 2 هفته طول می کشد.

طبق قوانین شرکت محمد جانبلاغی، 50 درصد مبلغ پروژه در ابتدا کار از مشتری گرامی دریافت خواهد شد . مابقی هزینه‌ها پس از تحویل کامل پروژه.

دامنه یک نام منحصر به فرد است که برای شناسایی یک وب سایت استفاده می شود و شامل یک یا چند بخش است که با یک نقطه از هم جدا شده اند. قسمت اول ماهیت آدرس www است، قسمت دوم نام دامنه و قسمت سوم پسوند دامنه نامیده می شود.

مانند: Janblaghy.ir یا Janblaghy.top

پس از تایید وب سایت توسط کارفرما و تحویل وب سایت به آنها، مرحله بعدی آموزش سایت است که پس از تکمیل فعال سازی، این آموزش ها برای کارفرما فعال می شود. اگر سوالی دارید، کارفرما می تواند با بخش پشتیبانی تماس بگیرد.

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